Farmers Market, Johns Creek - 4th July Wknd


As our journey progresses, I’ve been learning about dog’s personalities. Taste is something chefs are always trying to develop and dog’s taste is the same as human’s taste. Also, we don’t like to stereotype but certain breeds appreciate certain tastes and some need a little time to develop.
We hired a company to print our shirts with COMIDA PAWS logo and we met Adam, the guy that was in charge of doing the job. After chatting with him or a while I learned that he has a female white, a mix of American bulldog that looks like Gabriel and I gave him some samples of the treats for her to try. Today I received an email from Adam with a picture saying she loved the treats and the picture proves that. Her name is Aspen and she is a very pretty girl.

Aspen 2

Certain breeds like Pit bulls, American Bulldogs and Dobermans are very misunderstood… They are loving dogs, easy to train and all of them so far gave 100% of acceptance when comes to COMIDA PAWS dog treats. They look intimidating but they are just adorable in their personality… They are easy to please..
Then I came across the small ones… they look inoffensive and easy to deal with….Well, today I almost got bitten by one…He is a rescue and very protective of his guardian. When he saw me talking to her he started shaking…. since I have experience with this situation I told her that I wasn’t giving him any samples I would give to her and she would give to him. She apologizes but I told her that I completely understand the situation. It's all good!