Farmers Market, John's Creek - Day 2

_1120501As we progress on our journey to promote this product, we realize that every day is a learning experience. The second day at the Farmers Market brought us many surprises.
Mina & Ringo

First, we learn that many dogs embrace our product at the moment they smell it. Some jump on us to get their sample, others obey commands in order to have it and some just go crazy at the table trying to get a little bite. In other hand, some dogs need the time to learn that this isn't the regular dog treat they are used to consume. These are different, full of flavors and smells since is made from fresh ingredients. These dogs are used to eat something processed, full of chemicals and sometimes they need time to adjust to a new product. This happens to any dog when they experience some new dog food and consequently to a new dog treat. We learn to give them some time to adjust, however they went home with some samples to try it later. Many dogs are too excited to be around several people and their pets, they can’t even focus, so we are learning about their personality and tastes. We also realized that the treats with beef and chicken are the preferred ones but some of the dogs just love all of them. Overall, we had a great experience with all of dogs and the majority welcomed Comida Paws dog treats last Saturday.


The great experience of the 2nd day was surprising and rewarding. We were at the table talking to the customers, offering samples, educating them about the product when suddenly a dog and their guardian approaches us and we immediately recognized them. It was Jojo and her guardian. Jojo as usual is very energetic and approach the table avid to have a sample. It seemed that she knew what was about to happen. We greeted them and her guardian said that Jojo loved so much Comida Paws dog treats that they needed to come back for more! This were such great news! We told them that Jojo was our preferred customer and she would be featured on the blog and website. 

Beats provided by John Robinson

We appreciate all our customers for all the positive feedbacks and interest on our product, however today, we want to say a big thank you for Jojo for giving us so much love and appreciation for our product and this motivates us to continue researching and developing better ways to improve and bring the best product to our customers. Thank you Jojo, we love you and we hope to see you soon!

Our good friends and supporters Tony & Ray