Farmers Market, John's Creek - Day 1

The first day launching COMIDA PAWS dog treats was a blast! The community at Newtown Park were so welcoming to the product, even the ones that didn’t have a dog. They came to our table and want to learn more about our vision. The dogs were excited to try the samples and 98% of the visitors purchased a package.
Every dog got a picture and many samples; even the ones that didn’t want to try them at the time were sent home with some samples to delight them at home. Sometimes they are not used to such great flavors and quality, so we give them the time to adjust.
We wanted to provide a good customer service, so each doggie and their guardian that approached our table were offered a sample and an explanation about COMIDA PAWS dog treats. We explained our vision: these treats aren’t the regular ones that you find at the store; first they were created by a professional chef in the food industry who has an extensive knowledge about food ingredients, nutrition and allergy triggers. A lot of research and development were put into this formula until they were ready to be introduced. Also they are made from scratch with REAL human grade and FRESH FOOD! When we say human grade and fresh we mean NO CAN FOOD INGREDIENTS AND NOTHING ARTIFICIAL IS USED ON THIS FORMULA.
Starting by the produce, we purchase fresh sweet potatoes and they are carefully roasted very slowly and pureed before being added to the batch. The favorite one, Beef Liver, Beets and ChiaSeeds, has a great red/pink color because we pressured cook the fresh beets and slow roast the beef liver and dehydrate it. If you pay attention, many of the treats have small pieces of beef liver which proves that we use real and fresh ingredients.
The flours are USDA Certified Organic and gluten free which proves the high quality of ingredients. Finally, the high content of protein (around 26%) makes these treats a mini protein bar for your dogs, which means, you can bring a bunch of them and spend hours with your dog at the park or in small road trip without their main meal because they will hold all the nutrients to keep them active and full because they are packed with chia seeds which holds their hunger longer.
We strive for perfection and quality; you may pay a little more for these treats for obvious reasons but we promise you, it will be all worthy at the end. 

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